Children Transformed – Here and There

The core tenet of the Hope in Ethiopia partnership is transformation.  Transformation in Ethiopia and transformation here in Austin.  It’s a neat thing when we get to see our kids involved in that transformation as they too care for the least of these.  Below is a note from friends Joy and Zach Rener about their 5 year old daughter Ava and how she is helping to bring clean water to the community of Jido.

From Joy Rener…

Ava Art ShowAfter hearing about Hope in Ethiopia and the need for clean water in Jido, our family wanted to see how we could fill up a jerry can to donate to the project.  We asked Ava how she thought she could make money.  She said, “I could sell my art.” (She had done this before at a garage sale to make money to buy a toy she wanted)  She has been to art shows before so she understood the idea.  As we started talking she came up with idea of making 30 new pieces of art work for the show.  We put together an online invitation and sent it out.  Ava worked hard each day to make her pieces of art. She named each of them and we framed them on black poster board.  As a parent, I was concerned that if people didn’t show up, Ava might be discouraged.  We prayed every day the week leading up to the show.  Ava prayed that the people coming would be generous and would fill up the jerry can we had wanted to fill.  I prayed to bring the people and to let everything sell!  God did more than we could ask.  He brought over 30 people to our home and we sold all 30 pieces of artwork.  We filled 2 jerry cans with change from our neighborhood kid’s piggy banks and larger bills from our generous family and friends.  It was so great to see our neighborhood coming together to raise money for complete strangers on the other side of the planet.  It was great to share with them the vision of Hope in Ethiopia and our Ava Art Show Collectionfamilies hope to make a difference.  It was an amazing experience for all of us.  We are thrilled that God provided $331.31 from the show.  There is nothing new under the sun.  God created it all. He is the original artist and all glory goes to Him. We are so thankful for this opportunity to serve and look forward to more opportunities to spread God’s love and resources to those in our neighborhood and in Ethiopia.  It’s amazing to see what a 5-year old can do.  She thought of the idea, she did the work and God blessed it. We could not ask for anything more.


  1. Ellen Tuthill says:

    Oh wow, this is an amazing story! I’m so impressed with Ava, and I know she will never forget how God showed up when she asked Him to! Her smile and joy are so beautiful!

  2. Yay Ava! What a precious choice to make. I LOVE having her in our Kindergarten group each Sunday. :o)
    We may have to borrow this idea too, because our girls really enjoy making art as well. Great thinking Ava!

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