Working All Things Together

Matt and I were very blessed to be able to travel with our sons to Zeway this past week after the completion of the adoption proceedings for our 17 month old daughter.  What a trip it was for our 7 and 6 year old boys to see life on the other side of the world!

While in Zeway, we were able to make connections with another organization that works with the poor. LifeSong for Orphans is a U.S. organization that supports adoptive families financially and also has many projects to support orphans and widows around the world. In Zeway, LifeSong supports three schools serving over 700 children and a group home under the direction of Gary and Peggy Ifft who established  Misgana Ministries.

These schools provide a quality education for children up to grade 8. Under the direction of Gary and Peggy, the schools provide a holistic program including a nutrition program and soon-to-be computer lab.  Click here to learn more about LifeSong and Gary and Peggy’s work in Zeway.

Kasim and his wife serve as "mom and dad" at the group home.


While none of the Hope in Ethiopia orphans attend the LifeSong  schools or the group home,  there are two interesting ties to Hope in Ethiopia. The first is that the house parent for the group home is a Food for the Hungry (FH) social worker and his wife.   Kasim serves orphans and vulnerable children for FH, the organization that we partner with in Zeway. After mentoring, caring for and serving the poor, Kasim comes home to 10 children who see him as daddy along with his biological daughter who is a year old. He and his wife give unconditionally to these children as their own.



Another very encouraging link is that LifeSong schools hired a widow from our partnership to work in the school. Two years ago, Amoloek was very ill and was preparing to leave her 3 children as orphans. After support from FH, Amoloek was able to get proper healthcare for herself and her children. Amoloek is now able to care for her children and support her family through her job at LifeSong schools.

What an encouragement it is to see how God works all things, people and even organizations together for good. We are thankful for the work that He allows all of us to be part of to care for orphans, widows and the poor.

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