It’s Right There

written by Sandy Burton

While working on a Bible study, I was directed to Isaiah 58.  From previous studies, I’d circled all of Is. 58:6-12.  I smiled as I recognized the essence of the circled passages – “share food with the hungry, provide shelter for the poor, clothe the naked,” and I felt a zing in my heart remembering our trip to Zeway this summer.  I kept on reading to the end of the chapter and laughed out loud when I saw verse 14: “then (which was circled) you will find your joy in the Lord…”

My overall take-away from the trip was – I had gone to bring hope and I came home with joy.  First, seeing and feeling the pure gratefulness and joy on the faces of widows who were understanding the God of Joy caring for them through Hope in Ethiopia.  Then, THAT joy spilling over me becoming mine.  All because you have responded in generosity out of God’s love for you – which is His joy!

It’s right there…”then you will find your joy in the Lord”.  Isaiah spoke of it. Jesus spoke of it in John 15 – “I have told you this (obey My commands, remain in My love) so that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”  Paul said it in Philippians 2 – “make  my joy complete by being like-minded having the same love…”

This is why we’re here and this is why we’re there!  Hope in Ethiopia -Joy in the Lord.  God, make our joy complete!



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