Be Part of $100K in 100 Days

By Scott Thacker

September 22nd kicked off an ambitious year end campaign to raise $100,000 in 100 Days for Hope in Ethiopia. The $100,000 will cover a majority of the 2013 expenses to care for the 150 orphans and widows that are cared for thru the Zeway Partnership. $40,875 has been raised to date!

How can YOU help? I’m so glad you asked!

1) PRAY for generous hearts

2) ASK for contributions

3) See below for ideas!

Social Media – spread the word with your 500 best friends on Facebook and Twitter. Got a blog? Blog about how you or your family have seen HOPE thru the Zeway Partnership. Give Zeway a name and a face.  Include the donation link and promote the progress to date with this link:  Also, ask your friends to like the Hope in Ethiopia Facebook page!

House Party! Whether it’s a block party, a THANKFUL party, Christmas or Costume Party, the Fall is full of reasons to celebrate. For example, we are in planning mode to host our 3rd annual Cocktail Christmas party to benefit Hope in Ethiopia. Last year $4,500 was raised by 40 guests. Guests include neighbors, co-workers, parents of kids our kids play soccer with, some churched but many unchurched people. It’s a great outreach opportunity to share HiE with friends. Laptops and iPads are set up to allow instant donations and track progress throughout the evening via:

Dinner Party! Invite a group of friends for an intimate dinner and share about HiE. Tell stories of individual widows and orphans, and how their lives have been radically changed by God thru the Zeway Partnership. Send guests home with a small bag of Ethiopian coffee and include the donation link on the coffee bag:

Birthday or Christmas Gifts! Do you really NEED anything for your birthday this year? In leiu of gifts, ask friends and family to make a donation to Hope in Ethiopia. Email friends or family, or post on Facebook this birthday wish that is truly life giving. Don’t forget the link:

Garage Sale! Ask your friends and neighbors to donate their old stuff and give the proceeds to Hope in Ethiopia.

Want to get the kids involved? Ask them if there is something they would like to make to sell (artwork, jewelry, baked goods, etc). Host a gathering where friends and family can purchase their wares. Another idea is to let them set up a hot chocolate/apple cider stand.

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