Meeting God on the Other Side of the World

I’ve been out of the country many times in my life with adoptions or traveling because of Matt’s work or leading short-term trips.  I love to go places because I see God’s character in a whole new way when I am traveling.  Even when other people travel, like the trip team in Ethiopia now, I get giddy (and a bit jealous) of the adventures they will encounter and the closeness to God they will feel.

The orphans and widows of Zeway: You can be a part of the story of how God opens the skies for them.

After a short term trip, people will often long to return to the country they traveled.  They long to return because of the person they are in the foreign country – perhaps more compassionate or kind. Perhaps more aware of how their experiences shape them.  They long to return because they believe God moves more in other countries, and they get to see His work first-hand.

I have had to consider this: Does God move more in other countries than this one?  Is He more alive and working in other places?  Why do I see God’s character more when I go somewhere?

I believe this to be true:  God is the same here and there and everywhere. He does not change.  It is me who changes in a different place.  It is me who is stripped of my comforts and my schedule and my control and  suddenly, all those veils are lifted from my eyes and I do see the character of God in truer color.  He does not change.  I just see him in high definition.

But I do not believe that seeing God in high definition is limited to traveling to another country.  God makes it much simpler than that. It is not the location that causes me to feel God’s presence and character.  It is getting involved in the lives of the least of these that can cause me to know God.

There is the song by Tenth Avenue North and the chorus is “And He breaks open the skies to save those who cry out His name”.  Everyone should be involved in the life of someone whom the Lord has broken open the skies to save.

That doesn’t mean traveling in order to be involved. Getting involved in the life of someone who needs rescue can be done here in Austin through prayer.  You don’t need to fly to Ethiopia to be a part of opening the skies for someone, and you don’t need to fly to Ethiopia to see the full character of God.

Through this unique community-to-community partnership, you can choose an orphan, widow or family to pray for. Through consistent prayer for the least of these, you can see God working in their lives and your own. You can feel God’s compassion and kindness. You can be overwhelmed with His desire for justice and understand why He asks us to “visit” orphans and widows. You can understand his sovereignty over all things more, and you can find joy and hope in Him.  And you never have to pack a suitcase.

If you would like a prayer card and updates on the orphans and widows, please contact us, and we’ll send you more information and a picture of a child or family to pray for.

You don’t have to go anywhere to meet God He is right where you are.

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