This is a Hope in Ethiopia

There is a Hope in Ethiopia and I witnessed it today.  My first 12 hours in Ethiopia brought me to the front row of an Ethiopian church service – an experience I couldn’t have imagined or will never be fully able to explain.  Sitting on the floor in the front of the service were the sweet, hope filled faces of children.  Singing, chanting, dancing, playing – just being kids, kids filled with hope.  As I watched them, moving, whispering, poking their friends, giggling, and squirming, I simply saw my own boys.  How similar but a world apart, literally, both filled with the same hope and love of Christ.  I will never forget the music ringing in my ears and the kids dancing and jumping all around me.  The joy and pure abandonment they had – from young toddlers to teenagers – all there to worship the One True God as a family in Christ.  And, I am part of the same family with them.

Tomorrow I set out on my first visit to an orphan’s home.  An orphan whose responsibility as head of the household – caring and providing for their younger siblings – weighs heavily on them.  I will be honored to meet these children of God.  To tell them of the love I have for them, but, more importantly, the love God has for them – how He values their life and has a divine purpose for them.  Their purpose is to bring glory to God and continue to grow strong the Hope in Ethiopia.

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