Forever Family

Grace Covenant’s involvement in Hope in Ethiopia can be hard to describe.  If you have spoken to someone who has visited the orphans and widows in Zeway, you may find yourself in an hour long description of the sights, sounds and feelings of the trip goer.  Often our words do not have the capacity to describe how it feels to be involved in the lives of the poor – whether we have visited them or just know them  by name because we pray for them.

But I have heard the Ethiopian people describe our involvement in Zeway very well.  And when I heard the descriptions, I was floored that I could be blessed by such involvement in the lives of people on the other side of the world.

Here is what one orphaned child said to us on a house visit when she spoke of the orphan ministry at Grace Covenant Church, “Bridges of Grace is my father.  You  are my mother.  You care for us when no one else does”

FH Web Site PhotoWe do not fully value the  importance of our relationships and monetary gifts with the people in Zeway.  A similar statement was from a widow who was dying from AIDS “Because of Bridges of Grace, I can die in peace now. My children will be cared for”  (Because of the help from Grace,  two years later and this woman is still alive!)

When our  donations are used to employ social workers who share Christ, feed children and provide medical care to AIDS widows, and provide social stability to the least of these, relationships are developed that are eternal .  The social workers who visit and care for the children and widows in Zeway do not take our place, but they are extensions of us, and the orphans and widows know it.  They are grateful more than we understand.

Until we hear statements like the ones above.


We have become part of their families.  We point them toward a future and a hope, and we cause them to see their preciousness in Christ.  If you have sent a photo of yourself or family with a trip team, chances are it is displayed proudly on a mud hut wall.   We are part of their families,  and if they have not become part of yours, you are missing out on an eternal relationship!

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