Summer Update from Zeway

While on summer break this year, some of our CHH (Child Headed Household) children took on
summer jobs to help supplement the support they receive from our Partnership. Through our
Partnership and the holistic care it provides, these orphans are healthy and motivated to take on
even more responsibility to better themselves and their siblings:

  • Melkete, one of our original CHH children, was employed in a local hospital as a cook. She also delivered food to the patients. Her younger sister, Denebe, took on more household chores to allow her sister this opportunity.  Below is a picture of Melkete helping to feed another CHH child Johannes in the local hospital after he was admitted earlier this summer to treat a fungal infection.
  • Bedilu secured employment for the summer working a horse cart, transporting people throughout Zeway. In addition to the money he earned, he was also provided breakfast and lunch by his employer.Bedilu ride horse cart
  • Samrawit was able to secure summer employment and supplement her large family working at the local flower farm.

While making repairs on the home he shares with his 2 brothers, another CHH child named Dagnachew fell and broke his arm. He has received treatment and is doing better. Pray the break heals completely without any lasting physical limitations.

Johannes, who we have been following closely since our last visit in April, is still struggling to fight off a fungal infection attacking his skin. With a depleted immune system due to HIV and numerous medications, his body is weakened. Pray for complete healing for Johannes.

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