December 2015 Update from Zeway

Our latest updates from Zeway have brought us joy in celebrating with the children along with many tears as we mourn the loss of two of our amazing and dearly loved kids. Robdu passed away suddenly due to heart complications. She had been studying at a university to become a teacher. Johannes, whom we have spent years praying for his health, passed away due to complications from AIDS. The last months of his life were spent in and out of hospitals with the CHH staff accompanying him to different cities to find the best care. When his body finally began to shut down, he was able to return home and pass peacefully with this father by his side. We loved both these children and know how precious each of their lives were. They touched so many people, in their own community as well as across the world. They were inspirations to us whenever we visited them and we rejoice in their homecomings.

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(Robdu pictured in green above)


We also received news recently on our children who took 10th grade exams. Three of them, Beniyam, Alembirhan, and Mohammed, passed their exams and now will be furthering their education on a path towards a university in their near future. We praise God for their results. These orphans now have an opportunity to attend college and further themselves and their siblings. Amanu, who took his 12th grade exams, will no be attending a university but is now furthering his education in a local college studying public service. Amanu is an amazing young man who has done so many great things with his life already. We look forward to following him through this next stage.

We learned that Amelework finished her hair dressing training and is now prepared with a skill to provide income for herself.


Negatu (Johannes’s father) is now able to begin working again. He had been home full time caring for his son during his illness. Our program has helped him to begin selling goods at the local market again.


A fun update on one of our children, Edatu. Edatu finally mastered riding her bike. This little girl is such a joy and has so much energy. I’m sure she is thrilled to be racing around Zeway on 2 wheels!


All the children had great starts to the school year and we look forward to updates in the coming months.

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