Our End Goal

Goal 1: Local Adoption

We believe every child deserves a family. It is our prayer and hope that a family within the local Zeway community adopts every orphan. We continue to walk alongside the community of Zeway to help and provide education on orphan care and adoption.

Goal 2: Life with a Future

We know that not every child will be adopted, so we provide them support for an education, healthcare, emotional healing, job skills, and a chance to have a future and a hope in life.

Goal 3: Mobilization

We need transformation as much as Zeway does. We are mobilizing the Austin church to fulfill the Biblical call to care for orphans and in this we can be transformed.

Goal 4: The Hope in Christ

We are compelled to share the love and hope that we have received from Christ with the Zeway orphans and the communities in which they live.