So, what’s in a necklace, anyway?

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You might be asking yourself, “A blog post about a necklace?  What’s
in a necklace, anyway?”  For me, personally, I happen to think there
is a lot in a necklace.

The first thing there is, is an invitation.  When we wear something
that stands for something, people will often comment, “I like your
shirt!” or “I like your necklace!”  It’s a perfect invitation to say
“Thank you…it helped to feed a child in Ethiopia.”  I can’t tell
you how many times I’ve been able to have that conversation with
cashiers, doctors, school teachers, etc.  You never know how Jesus
might stir in someone’s heart when you share with them about Hope in

Second…it’s a reminder.  A reminder to pray for these children and
the staff who dedicate their lives to caring for them.  Whenever I am
wearing a piece of jewelry that supports Hope in Ethiopia…my mind
goes to Ethiopia.  I am reminded to go to our Loving Father on these
children’s behalf.  I am reminded to lift up the social workers
because they are in the trenches daily fighting for these children.

Third…it’s food.  A month’s worth, to be exact.  When you purchase a
necklace, you provide food for an entire month for a child in Zeway,
Ethiopia.  Pretty simple, right?

Last…it’s a perfect gift.  It gives the message of hope.  It
provides food.  It’s an opportunity to share about Hope in Ethiopia in
a fun way.  And hey….it looks really cute on!

In Christ,