Children Transformed – Here and There

The core tenet of the Hope in Ethiopia partnership is transformation.  Transformation in Ethiopia and transformation here in Austin.  It’s a neat thing when we get to see our kids involved in that transformation as they too care for the least of these.  Below is a note from friends Joy and Zach Rener about their 5 year old daughter Ava and how she is helping to bring clean water to the community of Jido.

From Joy Rener…

Ava Art ShowAfter hearing about Hope in Ethiopia and the need for clean water in Jido, our family wanted to see how we could fill up a jerry can to donate to the project.  We asked Ava how she thought she could make money.  She said, “I could sell my art.” (She had done this before at a garage sale to make money to buy a toy she wanted)  She has been to art shows before so she understood the idea.  As we started talking she came up with idea of making 30 new pieces of art work for the show.  We put together an online invitation and sent it out.  [Read more…]

Water to Jido — Update

Our friend Dick Moeller at Water to Thrive is helping us to bring clean water to Jido, Ethiopia.  Dick is in Ethiopia this week — below is an update we received from him about his visit to Jido.  Encouraging!

This morning got off to an early start.  We met our partners from Mekane Yesus Development and Social Services Commission (MY-DASSC) at 7:30 to start a three hour drive to the community of Jido, south of Addis.  We, of course got caught in the Monday morning rush hour of Addis!

Our first stop was in Zeway, a town close to Jido that is the office of the local South Central Synod DASSC office.  We met with DASSC to discuss the possibilities of a major pipeline extension project that could bring clean safe water to Jido, a community in desperate need.  If complete, the project would be a partnership with MY-DASSC, Food for the Hungry, the local community, the local water bureau and Water to Thrive.

jido women

Jido Women Attending the Water Discussion

After our stop in Zeway, we made our way south about 25 kilometers to Jido.  Jido has a well, built by the government, but it is heavily contaminated by fluoride.  So much so, that it is unsafe for human consumption.  But, much of the year the community is forced to use this source because it is the only water available in the dry season.  [Read more…]