Do You Want To Play In Zeway with Us?


We have been leading trips to Zeway for 6 years and every time we go, we make it a priority to find at least 1 day in a very tight schedule to play with the orphans in Zeway. We know that it seems a bit superfluous or even insignificant to send 10 talented, American adults to an impoverished country with so many great needs just so they can spend a day playing, but it is very intentional, very strategic, and absolutely fun.

As simple as it is, we have discovered a universal love language for children, especially children who have experienced great loss and their value in the world. This universally spoken love language for children all over the world is playing. Play time with adults and with each other. For children who carry so many burdens, play time speaks volumes to these children about their value and their preciousness.

There is a lot of work to be done to care for the orphans and widows. The Hope in Ethiopia partnership provides clothing, food, education and vocational skills. We’ve helped the community with libraries and job opportunities. We help support local Ethiopian missionaries to go to Muslim dominated regions, and we increased the number of local social workers who mentor, love, and support the orphans and widows. One extremely valuable aspect of orphan care relief and development is to remind children of their preciousness and remind them that they are image-bearers. We do this by delighting in them, by playing with them.

As challenging as relief and development can be and as many mistakes that can be made by Americans tromping through a small African village, it is encouraging to know that we can bring great value to orphans by delighting in them through play. You don’t need to know how to play soccer nor do you need to be silly, because even simple acts like blowing bubbles, making pipe cleaner animals and displaying a smile on your face while you clap to songs the children are singing, make one of the greatest impacts you can ever make on a child.

In addition to building libraries, offering clothing and encouraging children to go to school, we would like you to come to Zeway to show children their preciousness and to delight in them. Do you want to play with the orphans in Zeway with us?

The next Grace team will travel to Zeway, Ethiopia in the first week of October, 2016.  Visit Trip Details for all the info and to complete an application.