Fundraise for Hope In Ethiopia

Consider starting a fundraising mini-campaign and use your gifts and talents to support the Hope in Ethiopia. Starting your own mini-campaign not only helps to raise money, it also helps to raise awareness of the Partnership and plight of the orphans in Zeway. This is a great way to get your family, friends, or small group involved in helping others. There are countless ways to raise money –check out some of the cool things folks in our community are doing!

Dawn Patterson

Dawn has always had a love for making jewelry, but it wasn’t until 2009 when she began to see what God would have her do with the gift He has given her. In 2009, Dawn found out about the orphans in Zeway and it became clear to her that she was to use her talents to help care for these children. She started making and selling jewelry with beads made in Africa and things took off! In a little more than a year, Dawn has been able to send more than $20,000 to the orphans in Zeway. Beyond that, she has been able to visit the orphans in Zeway and teach many of the girls the skill of jewelry making. We encourage you to visit her web site, Funky Fish Designs, and purchase her beautiful jewelry. Proceeds benefit Hope in Ethiopia.

Todd and Sarah Breiner

The Breiners wanted to make a difference and enjoy a good game of golf. Together they organize a golf tournament each year benefiting a cause. This year, Todd and Sarah are donating all the tournament proceeds to Zeway. They hope to contribute as much as $10,000 for the Hope in Ethiopia.

Baker Tuthill

Baker, son of Will and Ellen, prays for the orphans of Zeway. Even at age seven, Baker was moved to give. He and his family decided that instead of birthday gifts this year, Baker would ask for donations for the Hope in Ethiopia. Baker was able to donate $92 for the orphans and the widows!